The things you remember, the things you forget...

Walked into a friend in town, who asked if I'd been out in the sun... I looked confused and then remembered when I'd turned left to Southport I'd been running into the sea breeze, and finished the run with 5km around the marine lake - so my cheeks are ruddier than normal due to being salt blasted for 10km!!!

The other bits that filter back in are the runners who passed me with a cheery wave, the occasional toot of the horn from a couple of drivers (I was in CHF colours, so I hope it was that they were tooting) and the kid on the marine lake wall who offered me a lick of her ice cream... I must have looked hot!

The legs today are tired, but walked 5km in 57 min without too much gype, right hip is a bit sore but nothing that having tomorrow off (well climbing so stretching and bending it) won't fix.




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