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Nothing about us, without us...

Is the clarion call of the disability movement for a long time, and its as relevant today as it was in the 60's & 70's... The core of this is having the "us" to stand up and be the one to be "about"... That's about being advocates, which is what this blog is about...

I've been "commissioned" to put down what I think this is all about, so these are my thoughts, what I try and explain in a day or over the course of week to people who've volunteered for the privilege...

It's also critically important for the congenital heart community, especially those of us who are adults. Yeah, us, the other 18's the ones who pick who we vote for, sleep with and should be control of our own lives and the things that affect us.

(And I'm a very strong advocate for independent living, so everyone who wants to have a safe expression of their own identity should be allowed to do so... and when its the big questions then their input should be …


This would've been the last night of the coast 2 coast, so a suitable point to review what I did, what went well and what didn't go well...

I did, 83 miles & 16,000ft of ascent, that is a damn good weeks walking in most people's books. I did it with a full camping load, and I enjoyed it.

Apart from the "Orton incident" navigation was spot on, timings were there or there abouts, food & water worked and worked well. The gear worked, the tent is cracking, the camping mat comfy and warm and there wasn't a walker out there who had dry boots.

I got a collection of 3 blisters, all on 1 foot my left. If it had just been the heel one (the most spectacular) and the one on the toe then I'd have been very tempted to carry on. However, the one of the pad made walking very difficult and when loaded almost impossible. Never had one there again, and despite someone suggesting they're indicative of wearing stilettos I still have no idea how it got there.

Am I d…

C2C - Maps and Numbers

The post based on my walking journal will come in a couple of days... However for the number and map fiends out there!

Oh, and some of the problem with my foot seems to be linked to the footbed, it seems to have swollen in the wet (Days 1 - 5 inc) and rucked up slightly at the back and the surface material's come loose where the pad of my left foot would've been hitting it. Slender margins, but enough to wreck a walk...



Day 1 St Bees to Ennerdale Water

Day 2 - Ennerdale Water to Borrowdale

Day 3 - Borrowdale to Grasmere

Day 4 - Grasmere to Patterdale

Day 5 - Patterdale to Shap

Day 6 - Shap to Kirkby Stephen

The totals:

MilesFt ascentkmm ascentCaloriesDay 1193,790311,1553,546Day 282,010136061,532Day 382,000126091,500Day 492,193136681,718Day 515

Nope, I'm not going to change...

There's been a bit of a debate on Facebook... that's debate as in "debate".

Basically, a GUCH has suggested that me putting up my adventures may make other GUCHs who aren't as healthy as me feel bad. And that in some way I'm letting them down by not admitting my frailties...

The debate is here, and as you'll see I got angry at the suggestion I never say how hard things are...

I've been told this before, and I rejected it then and I reject it now.

I enjoy what I do, as I've said this blog will be honest and those who've read most of the posts will have seen the runs that didn't go to plan, shared in my successes (both on my feet and in other areas) and seen the days when all I've wanted to do is curl up in a ball and cry and wish my friends were alive, healthy and well.

If I was just a running/climbing/sporty GUCH and only posted abou…

Coast 2 Coast - the kit list

With 2 weeks to go, I've just spent a couple of days pottering around the shops looking for those little bits and bobs that'll make my life a little less uncomfortable (yes that written correctly)... Kit lists are one of those things that can gnarly between walkers, do you include water, do you include food... For the purposes of telling you lot what I'm going to be carrying I'll include both...

Feet -

1 pair of Hi-TecCascadia's - thank you Hi Tec!!! Over 50 miles walked in a variety of conditions and they feel comfy & supportive

3 pairs of Bridgedalemidweight socks - 1 on, 1 drying and 1 spare

Legwear -

2 x salomon trail shorts - my new favourite legwear
1 x walking trousers - probably my paramo's, but if the long range weather looks iffy then a pair of lightweight softshellmontane's

Tops -

3 x walking t-shirts (same rotation as the socks)
1 x lightweight shirt

Headwear -

1 x North Face flight series baseball cap
1 x apex running glasses

Waterproofs -

ParamoFuera j…