The day before a big run... and a good day at the CHF

Well, I'm being whisked back up north by Virgin... We're only 20 minutes late!

A good day, its always good when I get to meet up with other activists, other people driven with a passion to improve how heart children and their families are supported from diagnosis all the way through guch-dom and independent living.

So plans are being hatched, ideas tossed around in the strategy wok and the continuation of a lot of hard work looked at and celebrated.

As well as recharging my activist batteries the day managed to distract me from tomorrow, allowing me to relax about I'm doing... The trainers are tagged with the chip, the CHF vest has my number attached (1567), my body glide is standing ready, and my post race bag is ready to be left on the baggage coach. Only things left to do are book a cab to the start and remember to put my clock forward - last year more than one person missed the race because of the clocks... including the man with the starting pistol!

So, I'll let you all know how its gone...




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