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It's been a while... A 2015 review in medals

As I've said in other places, it's been a poor year in running terms.  I started the year with a form of viral bronchial infection, moved through fighting my lack of umpph, then just as things were settling down I got sent flying by a berk on a bike and have ended up with a permanently scarred knee, and then as things were getting better again, an infected elbow. 
However, I managed to do all but one of my planned runs, and also fitted in two long distance paths - the Speyside Way and St Cuthbert's Way. 
Mad Dog 5: Game of Bones… The run with the same title as a porn version of Game of Thrones… It’s a classic, the run, not the film… 

Cambridge Half… The run with my mad friends and their mad friends – and they’re all lovely… as is the traditional scotch egg the day before the run, and free (non-alcoholic) beer at the finish

National Trust Night Run – the run was around a Tudor estate, and the medal glows in the dark… need I say more?

Liverpool Spring 10K – the first primro…