Buttercup: We'll never survive. Westley: Nonsense. You're only saying that because no one ever has.

My favourite quote from my favourite film. Ever. And one I often use in presentations on my life as an adult with a congenital heart defect. But if it applies tome, it applies to others more, much much more... and in a rarity (as in this is the first) this blog is dedicated to a cause and someone who to me is synonymous with that cause.

Well is the night before the 1000km come up. Tomorrow I walk 12 miles, with friends, no pressure on the time, no incentive apart from a nice cup of tea.

Tomorrow, more importantly, is World Down Syndrome Day - I know most about this through the work of the Down's Heart Group http://www.dhg.org.uk/ and someone whose become a friend over the years in Penny Green. Penny is one of those people you'd walk through hell for, just cos she'd give you a hug at the end.

This is a big year for her, and its best I leave to her to explain it all - which she's kindly done on her blog http://dhgorguk.blogspot.com/ and on facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=261876067711&ref=ts

Now, Penny and I have a date sometime in the year for a walk or a run. I'm sad I can't be with her tomorrow, but life is busy:-( Now, lets hope her knees hold out, the weather is good and the walk goes well!!!




  1. Thanks mate - I'm supposed to be going to bed now not sobbing cos of what you've written. See you next weekend I guess at CHF - hope you have a good day too!

  2. You jinxed me Paul - the knees were ok but the foot played up towards the end, but I made it with gritted teeth and thankfully was able to drive the 120 miles home!

    We had a wonderful day for it, even a cold mortal like me walked with just a t-shirt on. Passing motorists tooted and waved, everyone was in good spirits and even the little ones did really well walking.

    Write up on my blog soon.


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