2:38:55 - New Personal Best:-)

That was fun:-)

The day didn't start well, the cab driver was anti-runs, anti-runners, anti-non scousers and pretty much anti-everything... Ho Hum, hop he has a better day!

The run plan was to do 1500m run and 500m of walking, giving my system enough time to cool off and recover but over all give me a pace of around 12 min miles. And for 10 fantastic miles I hit it or close enough that it didn't matter - 5 miles in a shade under an hour (as in beating in my 2nd fastest standalone 5miles), 10 miles in 2 (as in doing it again:-))... Then the last 3 miles... Anything under 41 min was going to give me a PB...

The last 3 miles are straight along the Mersey towards the Irish Sea, which is flat and should be fast... Apart from today's headwind... That slowed me up, took my breath away and made the last 5 km a real battle... Running between gusts of winds is never an option I'd thought I end up doing... But it worked:-)

All the training of pumping out 40min 5 km worked, and worked well... the chip time was 2:38:55... 2 min faster than last year in more difficult conditions... And I felt there was more to come:-)

The only downer, for the 2nd year running for those of us at the back of the pack was the lack of a t-shirt... We've been promised one in the post, but its not the same as getting one on the day!

A mate treated me to lunch, a decent John Lewis' Sunday roast, and a lift home... Another mate has promised me lunch for the PB so all is well in the world... Though my payday treat has to be a new pair of shorts, chaffing heck I'm using a lot of E45 at the moment (probably TMI).

Someone asked me how do I make sure my heart is OK while I'm running, my GPS watch links to a heart rate monitor, so I know how fast its going, and now at what point I start slowing myself down (and when I can push it just a bit more) the link shows the impact on my heart rate (and I will be taking it along on Tuesday) and as far as I can tell I've a normal exercise response rate...

http://connect.garmin.com/activity/28250862 the player shows it best (and yes I did push for the line).

So tomorrow is a gentle climb (think yoga with ropes), Tuesday a walk back from the Cardiology appointment, and Thursday a run:-D




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