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Running Review 2017

Its been a year... a complete desertion of the mojo, a niggling hip injury and a tad of achilles tendonitis has meant that the training has gone for a long walk... even that didn't run away, just gently sauntered into the sunset...

However, I am and will always be a medal whore, so whilst I've not run consistently I have got my sorry arse out of bed for runs and events.  The inaugural Wirral trail half marathon started the year, a gentle cold slog along the Wirral Way, flat with squelchy bits... The glory of the MadDog 10k - with its awesome goody bag - containing a bag, well rucksack.  The National Trust run around around the grounds and deserted airfield near a Tudor mansion - Speke Hall.  The horror of the BTR half marathon... BTR Half, guess what, still no explanation... let alone an apology!

The double header of the Spring 5 & 10K in Sefton Park showed how cock-ups should be dealt with - a shortage of t-shirts meant that names were taken and a little while later a ver…