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A thank you letter....

To my Delightful Dane,
I’ll be writing another blog about the big stuff, the important stuff and the impressive stuff but this is a blog to thank you for giving me a little thing back… My desire to run, and run well.
I’ve never had anyone say they were starstruck to meet me, or that that they weren’t sure what to say. I hope that I lived up to your expectations because at the end of the day I’m just a middle aged man who runs around a bit.
You reminded me that to run is both fun, and for us GUCHs, a privilege. Your courage in accepting that bet from your dad to run a 10km made me smile and warmed my soul and I remembered the “running bets” I’ve had with myself and others; can I do a marathon, can I run a 10k then a half marathon without walking, can I complete an Ultra-marathon.
Thank you for inspiring me, again, to deal with my busted ankle and get back out there.You will let me know when your 10k is and that day I will be running as close to the time as possible a 10k.You more than lik…