Reflections on a 1000km...

So that's a 1000km.

The gang I was walking with, and mate who came past on her bike, knew what was due... and we celebrated with an ice cream... The Champagne is on ice for the end of the challenge.

So looking back, what have I learnt... What I've done has be written about in the previous 85 blogs (how did I get up to 85???) learnt is something different? Be warned there's a few places my temper peeps through...

I've dug deeper than I ever thought I could, the last miles on those long runs, the dragging my backside up Snowdon in a month where I'd run a half marathon and a 10k, the countless times I've gone out to walk or run when anyone with half an ounce of sanity would have rolled over and stayed in bed. The digging carries on, the next 10 weeks are massive for me... My local half marathon, the Shine Walking Marathon in April and then the real big one the Edinburgh Marathon. Oh, and then there's the little matter of my investiture as a Member the Order of the British Empire, and by god and empire I'm proud of that:-)

I've also learnt that I can be a media tart, and that awareness is all about the story. I've promised I'll write up my handy hints at the end, so people wanting to do something similar can avoid some of the mistakes I've made.

I've also learnt that there's a down side to awareness - some people don't like it when you get start getting it. Well, tough shit. One of reasons the for becoming the media tart I've had to become is the number of people who bleat on about the lack of awareness but aren't prepared to do anything about it.

If you don't like me, or what I do, just do something different - there's enough column inches that need filling.

I've made new friends, scarily found people who are like a mirror image of me... I've reinforced old friendships through shared pain (often literally!!!). I've relied on people as I never have before, some in particular have been my inspiration and provided mojo when my mojo meter has read zero.

I've learnt that some people really really don't like the truth, either about themselves or a situation, and as the time I have gets more and more squeezed between a full time job, long runs, short runs, something akin to a social life my ability to soften the blows (or in some cases lie to make people feel better) has lessened - and you know what part of me doesn't care.

If you want my respect earn it, if you want my friendship don't lie, if you want me to say you've done something well do it well. I'm a simple soul at heart.

That sounds a bit ranty, but the great thing about the long solo runs is there's time to think, think hard and clearly with nothing to disturb your train of thought.

So what else? I can now eat tuna (just as it becomes endangered!), I love Brooks trainers, innov8 walking shoes and Meindl Boots - 1000km 0 blisters.

So what next, 105 days = 500km... Can I do it? I fear the only answer now is YES I CAN! (apologies to Bob the Builder and Obama).

So 13 miles walked today, 21km... Tuesday a 5km, Thursday a 10km (or 5miles depends on the legs) and then Sunday 13.1 miles around Liverpool:-)




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