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Marx has a saying about clubs

We live in a very strange and petty world at times.

With my mojo on a sabbatical, and Jiminy Cricket's neck and back still suffering from whiplash we've not been running as much as normal.  Throw in the charity stuff I've been up to and that thing called life we've not been as active in a running club as we like to be (we've both previously volunteered to support club runs etc).

I'm not sure if its been our absence, but it hasn't made the heart grow fonder.  All I want from a running club is fun, and the rules to be followed consistently (and linked to that there being some rules).

I'm a simple soul; and I've run too many clubs, been a trustee of too many things, organised too much and sat in too many damn committees to know that everything runs swimmingly all the time.  The hardest thing is sometimes to walk away from something that has gone a little bit rancid.

Which is where my old club has made things easy... It is not wrong to ask how an offer …