Good News on the ticker, a taping and more management on the diabetes...

Overall a good day...

My blood glucose is running a bit high, so time to increase the dose of metformin for 6 months, while I still hammer my body in marathon training (and hence need to funnel in more sugars!)... a bit of a catch 22. However, with luck and a few months without the need for sugary drinks I should be able to reduce the dose again.

My cardiology appointment was great, usual banter about life the universe and everything, and ECG and an ECHO - and a promise of a 24h tape as its been a while (20+ years) and I mentioned I'd had a bout of ectopics that annoyed me... My heart is excellent and his considered opinion on my exercise levels were that they were insane:-) I took that as a compliment!

The ECG was clear, but it keeps him happy and I'll probably throw some exercise at it...

Then I got to the climbing wall and they'd reset some of the bouldering problems - NEW ROUTE MADNESS!!!:-D



So I'm 80% happy with what my body is doing


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