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Fat and Flabby

Elite athletes have a concept known as periodisation - they organise their training around key events; there's the four year cycle of the Olympics, the Worlds, the Diamond League and so and so forth... They will plan their lives, marriages, children around these cycles.

I'm not an elite athlete, I'm not genetically predisposed to that, nor do I have the single minded determination to make that.

What I am is someone who can train hard for a focused period of time, push myself in that time slot and then get distracted afterwards and do other stuff...

So, after the Dublin Rock and Roll Half, and if I'm honest with myself since the Liverpool Rock and Roll Marathon I've been closer to competing in an eating competition than bothering any of my PBs, the desire to get out there and run has been minimal and the weight has come back - I'm back to my pre-marathon training weight and feel it (uncomfortably in some trousers).

But I've not been inactive -  I cycled the …