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Well that was the flu...

So, in the seven weeks since I walked up Skiddaw I've jogged one five KM and walked a bit in the Peak District.

My least active day barely crept over 1000 steps.  That was for a loaf of bread and a tin of beans.

Before the anti-vaccination people start up, the flu jab is never going to be 100% effective the bastard thing mutates far too quickly for that.   If that was the one time its got through in the decade I've had the jab, then great, I escaped relatively lightly and although I did see the doctor (my fear is a chest infection), I was ill and it's taken a couple of weeks for me to feel like me. Ok that wasn't helped by going back into work after a week and walking into rather a lot of urgent stuff... but hey ho.

I've emails to answer, calls to return and worryingly not long until I'd hoped to be in tip top racing condition. 

Trust me I'm not.

I'm a stone and a bit heavier than I prefer to run at, as noted above I've not run (pretty much at …