Chaffing Hell, that was an ugly run... Nice result though!

Well, memo to self - don't forget the anti-chaff stuff!

An ugly run for me is one where I can't keep to a pace or walk run sequence, where I feel grumbly... And boy did I feel grumbly today, every hill was very hard work, not helped by the temp going up. The nice days of winter when I can avoid carrying a bottle of water have gone...

Ah well, the rest is now on... 2 days without any exercise, no walking to town, no "I just feel like 5km"... I'll be at the Children's Heart Federation AGM and Federation day tomorrow and Saturday, good to see the gang from CHF and the other charities again and to chat over the various areas of work we're taking forward.

The pasta is stockpiled, the go-go juice is in the fridge and the number pinned to my vest... So if you're in Liverpool Sunday Morning - give me a cheer, I'll be near the back but trying to enjoy it and trying to beat 2:41.




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