A tale of 2 runs and the start of the February Awareness raising

Well I'm happy!

15km in 2:03 all run, no walking breaks... and in a time that's close to what last year I was ecstatic with just before the Liverpool Half Marathon. Good solid time, and I did in the end enjoy it:-D There is something about a cold crisp morning with just a hint of frost on the ground that makes these runs special - OK I could do without the boxer dog taking a running jump at my gonads, but apart from that most enjoyable.

Today was a grumble run, couldn't get going probably only ran half of it but I still managed the whole 10km, didn't do it fast, in fact I can almost walk it as fast! However, the legs don't hurt are just tired, so I'll look at my post run diet again to make sure I'm getting the glycogen back into my system.

The February awareness for Congenital Heart Disease is always a fun time of year, the official European Heart Week is in May, but February has the direct links to Valentine's Day and International Congenital Heart Defects Awareness Day.

My roles with the Children's Heart Fed and GUCH means that I get to see a lot of things in the planning stages, know how long they take to plan and deliver and even plan and deliver events myself.

So what are the CHF doing?

Well BuildABear workshop are donating funds for every special purple heart sold in February http://www.childrens-heart-fed.org.uk/about_us/partnerships/build-a-bear - the plan is we'll be turning up at some of the shops so that people can see the help that these hearts will deliver and we can build local awareness off the back of them.

We've also gt MoBank supporting us through their iPhone app to pay for your Valentines day Interflora order - http://www.childrens-heart-fed.org.uk/about_us/partnerships/mobank

And GUCH - we'll for the last year a team of GUCHs have been working on delivering our annual awareness walk, these are walks that are fully accessible to all GUCHs. Short, flat and filled with history (and wheelchair and buggy accessible) they've become a fixture of the GUCH PA calendar. This year we're off to Cambridge, to wander along the world famous colleges, museums and Chelsea bun shops (apologies for the in joke, if you're "in" you'll smile). http://www.blog.guidecat.org.uk/2010/01/07/winter-walk-and-lunch-in-cambridge/

So a busy couple of weeks for me, and many more miles to run!




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