I'm back!!! Trucks, climbing wall bruises and crispy duck!

I'm back!!!

The cold has finally been defeated, I'm no longer an advert for sugar free hall's and kleenex! Which means I'm back into the routine...

Thursday was a reasonable 1st half 5km, that was 17min... Then a truck mounted the pavement to park up, I discover I can sprint... Then I get stopped for directions... then one shoe lace comes undone... then the other... 2nd half 23min:-(

Yesterday was an afternoons worth of climbing, got to the top of the 14m wall - which was a first:-) Fell off a lot of top end (for me) climbs, and bounced into the holds a couple of times - so bruises on my head, elbows, knees and calf!

Today, nice gentle 5km, but the knock on the calf was a worry, so a good gentle warm up, followed by stretching, followed by a 5km with a gradually increasing speed walk for the 1st 3km... No negative reaction from the calf, it feels how it did before, so all systems go for a nice gentle 10km tomorrow.

The only problem, the large Chinese banquet I'm off to for dinner!




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