A promised post on walking, climbing and running

I promised a while back to answer a question about the difference between walking, climbing and running...

So here we go:

Walking, in a group, is about companionship, shared sense of what's around the next corner, how hard is the next hill... and have we burned enough calories to justify the cream cakes?

Walking on your own, or at least my own, is about the challenge to navigate, pace yourself and make sure you get where you planned to be as well as deciding if you've burned enough calories to justify the cream cake?

Climbing, has to be about trust and learning to accept failure... You need to trust your belayer (the person at the other end of the rope), and you will need them at some point. When you climb at or to your limit you will fall off... However, fear if nothing else will mean you've normally burned enough calories for a cream cake!

Running, is normally a solitary affair, you against the clock learning to pace yourself when you're tired, often confused and your leg are weary. Its also competitive, even gentle runs tend to end up with "just a little more" or "I'll keep going until..." The great benefit is you will have burned enough calories for a cream cake!!!#

So why the emphasis on cream cakes? Having a dicky ticker means I don't really want to end up having coronary heart disease, not sure that getting a bypass while they do a valve is an option! Also having type II diabetes means I have to limit my sugar intake...

Oh cobblers, none of you will believe that, its cos they taste so nice!!!!



ps 5km in the gym, windows wide open, fans on full:-)


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