10km run:-) And I may be considered a pervert...

Its raining today, and a little cool... Perfect running weather for me!

4 laps of the 2.5km track at the local rec centre, no walking:-) and none needed, and for the first time in one of my longer runs I genuinely felt comfortable all the way around. Which is great!!! 76:34 isn't a bit a bad time for, in fact its only 2 min slower than my Liverpool 10km time in Oct, and that was run where I had little energy at the end.

Throw in 2.5 km each way to get there as warm up and cool down and almost a perfect set... Apart from the lass who may think I'm a pervert... She jogged around with me for about a KM and nattering away was asking what I was doing and if I could give her any advice... So I ran through the normal, trainers that fit and work with your pronation, don't run in towelling sweat suits... all of which went down well until I suggest a sports bra is a good idea... She was a buxom lass, and i think she thought this was specific rather than general advice... and said I shouldn't be looking!

Oh well, London for work the next couple of days so a 5 miler in Regent's Park I think:-)

Ho Hum...




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