New Route Madness! And interview given!

Our favourite route setter at my climbing wall - - has been busy, many many new routes, full of tricky balance shifts, hamstring stretching high steps and hideous sloping holds!!!

Now its entirely possible that the incessant boredom of having run in the gym for almost 2 weeks (OK its better than breaking a leg) for what comes to about 45km and an awful lot of sweat (see blogs further back in time) means that any variation is going to get me giddy with joy!

My active week is settling down, Monday is climbing, Tuesday shorter run, Wednesday climb, Thursday medium run, Friday day off (:-)) Saturday short run or cross training (this Saturday is a nice gentle 12mile walk) and Sunday is the long run.

So yesterday was climbing, and the interview with TGO magazine about the GUCH Walking Club, we're going be the walking group of the month for April (which means we'll be out in March). One of the "problems" for me giving interviews is I've been trained to handle the media in a certain way... 1st line of my media handling training was "This is a damage limitation exercise, now defend yourself!". However, the nice people in local and national press are slowly curing me of this and so far its all been positive.

TGO had a copy of the press release that spelt out my heart condition but the GWC stuff needed explaining, we're an unusual group and trying to explain the range of impacts that CoHD has on people any why a specific group was founded for us. And how we adapted walks for the group, so the trip up Ben Lomond came out as one of those strange walks where going the longer way gave us a gentler gradient and a much better route up. Now I hope the write up is as positive as the interview was, and that the readers will get some insight to the walking life of GUCHs and that hole in the heart kids grow up!!!! One of my rules of awareness raising is that you need to tell people who don't already know, and most readers of a walking magazine fit that description!

So, between that and a 5 mile run is a stupidly hot gym tonight a good week is half done... Tomorrow I treat myself to a nice lunch:-)




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