The "Oh Bugger" moment

A good day - climbed well, and at my limit and beyond (as my bruised arm shows)... and the Children's Heart Federation will be getting some awareness raising and cash through the Build a Bear Workshops - which even I have to admit are sometimes cute...

There comes a time in every runners training plan, well OK this runners training plan, when you look at the plan and the nice numbers leap out at you...

10km Sat

15km Sun

25 Km - 15 miles in 2 days, ideally at more than a shuffle... And with the rest of a busy life to manage around the miles too... Which is why although the plan reads as above the reality now needs to be:

15km Sat - down the local sustrans track

10km Sun - possibly in the gym

So, an early night, kits laid out for the morning, alarm set... Oh Bugger




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