600km done! Yes!!!! And the list of magazines interested grows!

Well, I still hate the gym but when its quiet, and the fans are on and the window open its not too bad... My kit needs a boil wash, but that's nothing new!

Its also been a busy week on the awareness front, and yet again I'm glad I've an understanding employer, their help with getting a press release together (teaching me a few tricks as they went), and circulating it. My boss is also laid back with me taking desk time to answer press enquiries and give interviews. Two walking magazines are interested, one on the fitness side and one about the GUCH Walking Club (www.guchwalkingclub.org.uk) and also the organisers of one of my runs are keen to put me in their newsletter...

As things get firmed up I'll let you know where they turn up and post copies on here...

So 400km of the original challenge to go, when I get there I will have a think about what to do next




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