Exercise and the average GUCH... well I think I'm average!

A good trip to London - yesterday was the Government Science and Engineering Annual Conference, couple of meetings today and managed to fit a 5 mile walk in this morning.

Now, as you can see from my rolling total 5miles running equals 5 miles walked. But on my marathon training plan its 5 miles to be run... So why the switch, mainly cos the hotel was noisy so running on a few hours sleep didn't feel right, and that's the balancing act I do (and I think plenty of GUCHs do) I could've gone for a run but know it wouldn't have been worth the tiredness and posssible grumpiness throughout the day. The other trick I do is sometimes drop from miles to km, knocking over a third off the distance but still getting out there and doing something.

And on those few days where I feel totally crap (fortunately very few and much more likely to be due to a cold or a tad too much alcohol the night before) I will defer a run or a walk - but its a decision based on the balancing act I try and do. I try and keep the long run in the mix, because as various good books and good friends say there the ones closest to the distance I'll be doing in Edinburgh. The other thing which keeps me going is that I do enjoy it, the gruelling long runs are a pain (in the legs and just because of the time they take) but I do get out in the fresh air and get the chance not to worry about work, life as I concentrate on something much more important... breathing, and putting one foot in front of the other!

Tomorrow is a climb, Thursday a 5 mile run (and it'll probably be a run) at lunchtime before my Friday "off" and Saturday's gentle jog and Sunday's race pace run.

Will I do them all, I hope so but I'm happy to mix and match as my body needs to.




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