Arrrgghhh... not running outside for a while i think, so I should just get on with it...

Its a small works gym, and at only £13 a month I can't really complain, but when having run/walked 5miles I'm capable of wringing sweat out of my running vest its probably a bit too warm...

Also because its the new year there's hosts of people in who are lost and afraid of the big scary machines, and also have bought into the TV ads which show beautiful people gently perspiring and chatting in the gym... Then they look a bit disappointed when they see me hulking along, grunting as I go...

Oh well, 5 miles done with a km warm up... Not fast at 66min, but the mantra for this type of running (well my mantra) is do the distance and the speed will come!




  1. lol - I'm not a good advert for the gym either Paul. I'm lobster red most of the time. People ask me how long I've been coming to the gym and I can see them thinking 'It ain't doing you much good love!'


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