Blurgh... Lets hope its a 24h bug...

I'm grumpy when ill... and an intolerant sod at the best of times... However, common sense prevails and running a 10km would have been unpleasant and quite probably dragged this on for longer than it needs to be.

So John Lewis' chilli crepe as a treat lunch, lots of Cafe Nero coffee (they have sugar free caramel syrup - YESSSSS!!!!!!) and a pie for tea. Hardly the healthy combination of lean protein, complex carbs and interesting veg - but once in a while won't hurt and comfort eating is officially good for you.

The walk yesterday was fine, it was the route I ran as a double so I knew I could do the marathon distance. Nice and gentle walk, one of the group had slipped on the ice so plenty of rest stops and they waited for a pick up at about 10 miles. Dusk was falling in West Kirby as we finished, but no rain gentle winds and generally a good winter walk.




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