a niggle and much more important stuff...

well it had to happen sometime... After jogging a half on Sunday and a good solid 10km on Tuesday the wheels started wobbling, well my right calf wobbled... Normally any tightness loosens off in about a km and I can start striding out... Not today and rather than risk do something more serious to it I decided discretion was the better part of valour and strolled a 5km.

Fortunately, the works gym has a deal with a sports physio so an email has been sent and next week I should be strapped down as someone sorts my kinks for me! The runs this weekend I'll take exceptionally easy and mutate as I need to!

The more important stuff... and this is an honesty warning... I now have 2 good friends in hospital, one with a nasty infection and one following a heart attack. As regular readers will have guessed I don't do the religion thing so all I can is think good thoughts, provide what support I can, and wait... and wait...

So with positive thoughts following, and a curry eaten, time for a stretch and a long soak!




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