Birmingham and the Heart Care Partnership

2 Blogs in one train journey - bit of a catch up from a busy 3 days...

Birmingham was for the Heart Care Partnership - I've the honour of being a Trustee of this charity, adding the adult congenital heart view into those around the table. We provide the patient's voice to the British Cardiovascular Society and work to promote effective communication between patients and the medical profession as well as developing information that can help anyone whose going to an outpatients clinic.

The latest of our newsletters is here - and reviews what we achieved last year

The plans we've made for the coming year will be delivered as we go, but it should be a good year!

The walking was 10miles following the public scuplture trails, all 4 of them, in one evening... Its a bit of a meandering tour, but well worth doing if you're in town esp if you like oddities in scuplture like this:

A heart shaped padlock,
Which is nicely appropriate the Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Walks...




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