I jogged a half marathon:-DDD

And what's really scary it didn't hurt too much...

Which is brilliant, and means that this training plan is working... 13.1 miles is a long way to go in 3 hours, and at the moment the time doesn't matter all I'm doing is conditioning my legs to the action of jogging for that amount of time. The plan is do the distance, then build the pace on shorter routes and slowly merge the 2... so my 10km pace becomes my 10mile pace, my 10mile pace becomes my half marathon pace and so on.

It's also the first time I've started to believe that I might be able to jog the whole marathon. There were none of the little demons telling me that I was doing too much, or remember your heart condition... It was just me, the path and the comedians who suggested I could walk faster... (8min 20 km's... 21 of them... Hmmm, don't think so...) One of them did get a potted explanation of why I was running and about my heart condition... Not sure if it went in, but they did look a bit sheepish.

Throw in the extended warm up and cool down of 9 km and a 30km day and the weeks total up to 75km:-D

This week is a bit lighter on the running and travel front - 10km tomorrow, 10miles on Thursday, 10km on Sat and then 10miles on Sunday... Nice and gentle tomorrow, target around 2 hours on Thursday, gentle on Sat and again a target run on Sun:-)

That's the plan... With climbing today, good hard session nailing my second ever 6a and also ending up explaining to one of the climbers about the dicky ticker... Awareness raising can happen in the strangest places!

The big issue now is how far to extend my challenge distance - at 827km done, with 139 days to go 1000km is looking like its might be a bit easy... What do you reckon 1500? That's the equivalent of an another 300miles, or boosting what I need to do for the next 139 days to 5km a day! Answers here on facebook...




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