Keeping things interesting... Feeling lousy... but happy...

I've got a blurg... Not a cold, no fever, no sneezing, no nothing apart from someone has hooked me up and drain all of my go-go juice out of me.

The hypochondriac in me (and we all have one) has run through the normal collection of diseases and disorders... Scurvy, rickets, something to do with the diabetes, something to do with the dicky ticker... And as normal nothing particular stands out so its probably just a blurg!

However, the 5km walk I did just to get fresh air in my lungs did mean I've crossed a threshold - on the original challenge I've less than 1000m a day to complete to finish it...

As for a revised target, 1500 has a round sound to it, 625km in 127 days - just under 5km a day... That should keep things interesting!

Tomorrow is a walk, interrupted by a climbing session, followed by lunch... This week, as long as the blurg disappears should crack the 900km barrier, now that will make me happy:-)




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