GUCHs a genuinely international community

Well, many of you who've read this blog know I'm tapped into a wider network of GUCHs across the world...

That network has given me some of my closest friends, those people who can predict how I think and what will upset me, and what I might do to cheer myself up. They're the people who in the small hours of the darkest nights know when I'm screaming at the night sky, I don't know how and the rationale part of my brain says its because they share the same friends and know when something isn't good with them... Bit that's the rationale part of my brain.
We also work together, with the parents and families groups, in groups of many acronyms - ECHG, ECHDO and Corience. We're connected in ways that when I started being involved in GUCH stuff 15 years ago would've been considered science fiction...

We email and facebook, tweet and text - we now can keep tabs on each other between meetings and between letters. It also means we can use each other as a source of expertise, finding out what we do in our countries and how we help each other.

Which is why I'm in the Swedish magazine "Hjartebarnet" writing about volunteering for GUCH PA and including last years Awareness Walks in Chester.

So, GUCH PA is in a Swedish magazine... with links to the GUCH messageboard (, Walking Club ( and this blog... so to my Swedish readers god natt och tack för läsning




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