It is getting there... in more ways than one:-)

2 friends that look like they're on the mend... :-D

5km run on Tuesday, 5 miles today... :-D

Only 135km to go on the original challenge... :-D

Only a couple of days until the next phase of the awareness raising begins - The GUCH Walking Club will be TGO Club of the month:-D

The running at the moment is about maintianing the fitness levels, and letting the niggle repair itself properly - so a sensible 64min 5miles today, 10km on Saturday and a walk and climb on Sunday. The 5 miler was up the canal away from Liverpool, new things to see, new ducks to terrorise, new information boards to read - the original Toffee Towers, war defenses, I do like being distracted when I run:-) For those interested the run is here -

And tonight's job a press release to the local papers - 30days until the Liverpool Half Marathon




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