I'm back!!!! A gentle 5km with no after effects... Blood glucose - a bug warning?

Well that felt good:-)

Nice gentle 5km, a couple of new people joining the lunchtime plod club:-) And what's more scary they seemed to enjoy it! The test will be next week, and if they come along again:-D

The only evidence I have for the bug is my blood glucose is high and my diet isn't that bad, in fact its pretty good so I suspect that my system is running hot to burn something off.

(if you hadn't twigged I'm type II diabetic as well as the dickyticker)

Which makes life a little more fun at times, like now, my BG is a good indicator that I'm coming down with something, or hopefully fighting it off, so I get an effective warning not to push it too hard the rest of this week. So it'll be a climb tomorrow, gentle 10km on Thursday and then a day off on Friday. Sat is a gentle 10km and Sunday a walk in the Peak district...

Yup that's and easy week, hopefully by then the BG will have dropped consistently and I'll be completely niggly free

Then I'll ramp up the training again, first target is the Liverpool Half Marathon on the 28th...




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