Calf Sleeves... Human Origami... Bog Trotters... Canal maps...

Ho Hum... a soft gentle 5km walked... no twinges felt!

What fun shopping can be, especially when looking for running gear... I never knew you could get calf sleeves of neoprene (in varying sizes) to help support injuries. And they seem to work, though putting one on in the toilets of a shopping centre can be interesting!!! Human origami, in a small box!

As for bog trotters, this is apparently the name for male capri's... 3/4 length running tights, mainly got as an inbetween the winter tights and my shorts. I'm not a pretty sight in tights, however the work in terms of holding all my muscles together and keeping them warm...

Hopefully the bog trotters will get out on Tuesday, a gentle 5km to ease the calf back into the running thing!

And then I spot a map of the Leeds & Liverpool canal... In the next couple of weeks I'm going to need to do long long runs (at the 30km+ end of the market) and the canal provides me the best method of getting from human habitation to human habitation... and I may even get to see some boats!

My friends in hospital are in good spirits, and it looks like they're getting the treatment they need... So more good thoughts are flowing...

In the next couple of weeks the awareness raising side of things should start kicking off... The GUCH Walking Club will a club of the month in TGO Magazine, complete with photos from some of our best walks!

I'll let you know when its out




  1. Hi Paul, I was just wondering when/where the next GUCH Walking Group will be, as I'd like to go on it, if possible.

    Am amused by the Bog Trotters!

  2. Lillian,

    we're in the process of planning the year ahead at the moment - if you email me at I'll add you to the mailing list.

    The plan so far is a walk down near the south coast in June, the west midlands in August and our annual trip to the Peak District in November.




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