Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Walks - They work

They work... on two fronts, they let people meet up and chat in an informal setting while enjoying a gentle stroll around the streets of Cambridge, past historic colleges and tea shops....

The second front is that the shop assisstant in the joke shop (that provided us with the helium for the balloons) had a daughter with a murmur and PFO - so knowing that there where 30+ adults who had been through the same and worse made them feel more comfortable that life can be normal, or as normal as anyone's is!

So what do 30 GUCHs, friends and family look like? A bit like this:
The volunteers who planned, organised and led the walks travelled fromfar and wide (apart from those who live in Cambridge), walked the route to check for any health and safety issues, other than the hurtling bicycles, all was fine!!!

The logo you can see on 1 of the ballooons is that of GUCH PA...

And so I hurtle north knowing that awareness is about getting people to meet, to share and most of all about decent chunky soup:-)




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