The 3 types of run you enjoy... and a bit of info on info

There's 3 sorts of run I enjoy:

1) The ones that just feel right, I feel comfortable in my own skin and all I work hard it feels GOOD

2) The ones where its a triumph (ok a minor one, but 4 or the 7 of Paul's plodders cancelled today with the general excuse that it was wet) just to get out there and do it...#

3) The ones where the 2 above come together, and that was today - ice cold rain, intermittent and then lashing down while trying to turn into hail or sleet.

The sort of run where I finished, smiled, then got a surprise when I looked at my watch - 62:58 for 5miles, on a course with 2 long drags of hills, a couple of sets of traffic lights and generally a bit not nice:-)

Now, someone asked why I referenced the CHF info on Fallot's ( rather than write it out myself.

For me its vital the the information that parents and patients get is authoritative, balance and most importantly accurate. I'm an example of what surgery could do 35 years ago, not now. The CHF leaflets are checked and checked again to make sure they're correct and give that balanced view.

The full list of 24 is here: and some come with animations:-)

Its a resource for everyone, so please use it!



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