Well that's a first....

As I've moaned about before this "seasons" training plan has not been as structured or an injury free as I would like or indeed want if my Great North Run time is to be anything like what I would like it to be...

However, sometimes things goes well and it gives me hope... Well, an outside chance. Yesterday was a walk run along the length of the Wirral Peninsula, that's the bit that sticks out between Wales and Liverpool. The track is one of the Beeching lines, now converted into a Sustran's cycle track with a bridalway along the side.

Sustran's are a great charity, committed to making the countryside (and the cities) accessible to those on bikes, unfortunately that means the paths are hard and in the case of the Wirral Way are hardcore with a loose gravel top surface... Great fun to run on... NOT!

Anyway, I walked 10km along the route mainly to make sure that the slight strains ane pulls from the previous week had worked themselves out, but also just because I like the walk.

As an old railway it is slowly reverting to nature, with cuttings looking like something out of Lord of the Rings with the draping ferns.

The cutting is through Triassic sandstone, so some of the formations on the right of the shot are fossilised sand dunes:-)

The plan was always to run a bit, and to see how it felt, so I set the GPS watch up for a 5 miles in 75min, not a fast run for me, but quick enough for a warm and humid lunchtime walk/run... However, for once everything worked well and I ran 5 miles... No breaks, no walking sessions, up and down the gentle undulations of the path. Five whole miles, start to finish, up to now my max has been about 5km, so that's me a happy man!

Although its the first run start to finish its not the fastest I've done - the run walk regime is faster overall but less pleasant on body and soul. So in the 3 weeks I've got left my training plan has got to be quality and not quantity of runs...

3 weeks. GULP...

The 5 miler is here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/12088808

Oh, the rest of the walk - it comes in an exact 20km:-) In 3 hours:-)




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