1st "milestone" reached

Well, its was a blast. From being taken up in the cherry picker to the texts (rude and amusing) from my friends to the interest from others and the fact that some awareness raising is happening - the Liverpool Echo has run one story http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpool-news/local-news/2009/08/08/bootle-man-will-take-to-antony-gormley-plinth-dressed-as-giant-broken-heart-100252-24347048/ and might be doing a follow up today and one of the running magazines is interested.

However this is only the start, I've done another kilometre on the plinth - trust me that 1150m that should get bonus points as it's quite a small space to pace and up and down!

I also prattled on for the best part of an hour about why I'm doing this year and what I'm raising awareness of... and making the point that I'm specifically raising awareness of the need to allow us with heart defects to partake in school sports.

If you want to hear my witterings the full hour is here: http://www.oneandother.co.uk/participants/PaulWillgoss

So the next event - I'll be doing the Great North Run on 20th Sept, and hopefully taking some of the CHF trustees out for jog before the Federation day (12th Sept) - now that could be a sight to see!

I said on the plinth, and I do mean it if there is an event near you you think it'd be good for me to take part in, esp if you can get the message in the press, then let me know. I can't give promises that I'll make it to everyone but I will try!




  1. Well done Paul! I've blogged a link to your Plinth video. Just keep putting one foot in front other!

    Jackie x

  2. Thanks Jackie!

    Will do, no blisters so far!



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