10% up!!! Bad news, good news...

Well, I'm past the 100km mark... Which feels damn good!

The last week has been about making sure the back is fine and recovering from the plinth exploits and not rushing straight back into a heavy training program and doing myself a mischief.

All of which is laudable, but don't have drag! So yesterday I walked to the climbing wall and back, which was a nice 10km, laden with climbing gear and today I went out to test how resistant my new water resistant walking trousers (8km), so 18km in 2 days, not fast but at what a friend calls a purposeful pace (11min km's).

Anyway apart from the exercise, its been a fun week - for the first time ever I'm front page news!!! I've also been in the local evening paper twice and work are running my exploits in the in-house magazine. And I've had the first touch of fame, when someone asked if I was the bloke off the paper.... So seems its working:-)

Its also been a week of mixed emotions, Peter a GUCH from Denmark who I knew through the european conferences died earlier in the week and as ever the GUCH's who knew him are pulling together to remember him for who he was. On the positive side Kieran is going from strength to strength and his transplant so far seems to be working well, and a heart kid has come through his surgery ok - Harrison is a star and its for kids like him that I started this challenge - his talk at the House of Commons said everything about why heart kids should be allowed to take part far better than I can http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCWx4ZiKKJM




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