Blurgh... Nasty Run...

There are days when it all works, and days like today when it doesn't...

Ok it was hot and humid, my least favourite of conditions, but the body decided it wasn't willing at all and let me run a couple of K and then walk the rest of the 10km, as a walk it was fine (with the getting to the track and back it came out at 17km).

10 miles in a days not shabby, but any thoughts of a PB at the Great North Run are rapidly going out the window, and keeping it under 3 hours is the revised target (early this year I set my pb at Liverpool of 2:41), which is just a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Anyway, day off exercise tomorrow (despite not being able to run today I have walked 35km the last 3 days) as i need a rest. Runs on Tuesday and Thursday and then a trip to the Lakes at the weekend - taking a mate on his first Lakeland hike a gentle 9 miles up and along High Street:-)




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