Grand days out in the lakes

Well,the book said 10km, 750m ascent and 5 and a half hours... The GPS and my feet said 13km, c1000m ascent and 7 and a bit hours... Hmm, I'm going with my feet! In all honesty the ascent was probably in the middle... So I'll say 850m, based on my get more than anything scientific.

Its the end of a heavy week, 40km ran (not much run to be honest) or walked which given I fitted in 2 lots of climbing, a 40hour week at work and a few hours on the charity side of my life isn't too shabby and explains why I'm zonked out:-)

The walk was a lesser known Lakeland classic, up from Haweswater, via Eagle and Heron Crag up the interesting rocky path with hands on in a couple of places, before the broad open vistas of High Street came under foot. Then it was a case of lunch a stroll along the tops and then dropping down Kidsty Pike to retrace our steps.

For one of my mates its was his first Lakeland walk, and as he was flicking through the book looking for the next one I think he enjoyed it.

For me, well it was hard work, I occassionally get palpitations, normally bought on by yawning or in this case by hacking my lungs up after swallowing a fly... Which sort of cut off the top end of my fitness! However, they faded fairly quickly, though not till after the hard bit of the walk - BLOODY TYPICAL!!!!

Oh and I went arse over tit on the way down, but that's traditional... my bulk and fragile paths do result in edges being destroyed and then tumbles being taken. In this case it was an 8 for artistic intrepretation, and 9 for technical ability!!! No harm done though so all good:-)

Next week will have to be slightly lighter, twinges have been felt and this week has proved to me that I'm fit, if not fast!




  1. lolol (sorry) about you going arse over apex! I do that alot - also memorably trapped knee deep in mud at Luds Church and flat on my face (thankfully with only my hand in the cowpat) the following week at Ilam.


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