of back ache and friends

I sometimes wish i wasn't so sensible, the vague plan was to get up to about 10% in time for the plinth, which would've meant doing a decent length run today. However, my little 5km on Thursday has jarred my back... Hopefully nothing major, just enough to make thumping my size 11's down less than comfortable.

Bugger... Oh well, I'll finish off the heart today or tomorrow and dig out my neoprene lumber support out for the office... That'll scare people, me in neoprene in the office:-)

Oh well, has given me the chance to catch up with a decent space opera - think the written version of Star Trek, and have a relaxing day after a friends birthday celebrations yesterday.

The friend, and most of the gang out were GUCHs and we all were a little on tenterhooks as one of the nicest people we know had a transplant on Friday. His wife, one of the other nicest people I know has been keeping us up to date on his progress and so far its been fine - even if he seems to have missed Thai fact that he had the op...

When I say Kieran is one the nicest people I know its not just hyperbole, and the sort of bull people spout whenever someone goes in hospital, its the truth. He may have the unfortunate affliction of being a Spurs fan, but he's a good enough bloke that I can forgive that - which as a Gooner is a big ask;-)

He's one of those people who inspire others to do great things; his madcap drive around the country raising money for GUCH PA, his support for the GUCH Walking Club by being our webmaster and also popping up at places on walks - the sight of him waving Union Jacks as a footsore and weary group of walkers reached the Houses of Parliament lifted the spirits to get us up to the finish line and beyond.

The next days and weeks are going to be tough work for him, but all being well his selection of truly dire jokes will soon be appearing on the GUCH messageboard, and by all that I cherish I hope they appear soon.

Plinth in 6 days!!!!


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