That's Better:-) 20 down 980 to go!

Ah, the joys of actually getting some significant miles under my feet:-)

The 10km jog is around a local park, Walton Hall, where they've very kindly laid out a 2.5km track, so 4 times around was the target and it was done...

Unlike other half marathons I've trained for I'm trying a slightly different technique.. Previously I've concentrated on short bursts (1.2km) of jogging and then 300m (recovery walk) and just repeated that for as long as the race is...

This time I'm going to see if the steady eddy approach works better, so jogged out 4km, walked for about 800m then another 3.2km jog, walk break and then a jog to the end. Just over the 8km jogged, which is the 2nd furthest I've ever run in a 10km so I'm happy.

The warm up walk out should be standard for everyone, but for me is vital as it takes a while for my systems to warm up. Similarly, cooling down and stretching out is important. And it also adds a good 5km to the total:-)

This week should be more normal than last, climbing tomorrow evening, 5km Tuesday, climb, 5 miles on Thursday, Friday could well be a gentle climb as we're out in town that evening - Micheal McIntyre is on in Liverpool:-) Then next Sunday a repeat of todays efforts:-) is the run, normally they'd be heart rate information as well but the battery died this morning!




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