And so it begins


1000km in 365 days

Sounds simple, its only 3km a day.... Yup, only...

My rules:

Walking to the shops won't count, this is walks and runs that I consider training for something or doing something.

So over the course of the year you'll share my training runs (all weathers, I don't stop apart from the heat), my walks (often with the GUCH Walking Club) and events (and I will let you know which ones so you can come and join me).

As crosstraining I'll be climbing (ropes, harnesses, scary rock faces) and doing some gym work which I'll let you know about as well.

Joining me:

I don't mind if its for a metre, 100 metres or further, what's important is that people join in and realise that all GUCHs and youngsters with CoHD can do some form of exercise.

First target:

My first event is the hour I've got on the 4th Plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of the Gormley installation - its 5-6am on a Sunday morning so I'm not expecting anyone to get up and cheer me as I try and see how far I can walk around a 4m by 2 m rectangle....

About me:

This is also a motivator to me, my training tends to be episodic I'll train hard for an half marathon and then revert to my normal levels of walking and recreational jogging. Doing that will get me to about 800km in a year... To keep the effort up I need the drive that this challenge will give me.

For those who've not met me I'm 6ft, and am described as having a chunky, or cuddly, body shape... Technically I think that's an endomorph - think overgrown dwark from Lord of the Rings and you're not far wrong.

As well as my Fallots I'm type II diabetic, so the exercise is vital for me to help manage that condition.

Other bits - I have a dodgy ankle, which puffs up like a ballon if I aggreviate it... which can make running a little interesting!

Word of warning:

I am a GUCH and I have a lot of GUCH friends and by the law of probabilities some will get ill and need surgery over the next year, this means as times I may go quiet and at times you may end up sharing some of the unfortunate news I get.

So what next.... My training plan is that I run on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday and climb Monday and Wednesday. So I'll let you know what I get up tomorrow!


  1. Hi Paul
    if the walking and running you have done in 2009 so far is anything to go by, you will reach your target. All the best and hopefully I will join you for some of those kilometres. Manuela


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