Cold and Wet - Fantastic

I can safely say it wasn't too warm today, most of the other people doing the circuit at the local "fitness trail" were wrapped up as if it was winter... so I was getting funny looks for my shorts and t-shirt!!!

I've read that marathon runners use 80% of the energy they use to pump heat out of their bodies, and on days like this I can see where this number comes from. With the coolness out there, I took a longer warm up just to make sure that my bits and bobs weren't going to snap under sudden acceleration (I say sudden, think oil tanker moving off!).

A good solid run, 5 km jogged before I needed a walk break - and that was mainly a confidence thing - 500m walked and then 2.5km to the end...

One of my target times is the 60min 5miles, and after the 5km and 500m walk I had 18 minutes to do it in... at 7km I had 6min... Well I have to confess to a small dose of machoism and I did try and run it down, 60min and 43s... Still I'm chuffed I could run a sub-7min km at the end of 5miles.

The slightly longer walk back, well that was for the chinese - having burned over 1000cal I small treat was required (and it was ginger and spring onion chicken on boiled rice so not too bad at all)




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