Why I do the events I do

I was asked an interesting question by a mate at work today... Why do I pick the events I do?

It comes down to 2 or 3 things...

First will I enjoy them - yes despite all at pain, injuries, time and cost (of which more later) I do this for enjoyment and to keep myself fit and sane

Classic examples - Santa Dash, local 5 and 10 k

Second are those which are a "challenge", where its not just turn up and run but I have to plan for the training and build up to

Classic Examples - Great North Run, Liverpool, long distance walks

New example - Edinburgh Marathon, other Marathons...

Third are the ones that capture my imagination... No rhyme or reason, they just gel with my mojo...

like this one https://shine.cancerresearchuk.org/ - the idea of walking all night to do a marathon, no running allowed, just makes me smile.

I've also asked how I'm paying for all of my events - simply I'm paying for them, and my equipment (other than a couple of logo'd running vests) all of my travel and hotel costs are out of my pocket - so anything you donate goes straight to the CHF.

So what next - 2 weeks off (other than climbing Snowdon, swimming twice, climbing 3 times) and my legs are feeling a lot better. So its off to Cambridge to work out the routes for the GUCH PA awareness event in Feb - staying with good friends and seeing a town I've never seen before:-)

Why now, because to deliver a safe event for everyone we'll be checking out the locations for meeting up with each other, working out the routes of the walk, mapping these in such a way that we can clear them with the local council and police.




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