Quarter Almost Up :-)

A good speed walk for 5 km to loosen the legs out, but not tire them out... Takes me to 249 km, quarter distance in 3 months so on target despite the colds, back ache, dodgy ankles and so on!

Tomorrow is the Liverpool 10km, which I'm hoping will be more my normal weather conditions than the GNR was, I have a range of windproof tops that will keep me relatively dry while not overheating!

Time ways I'll be happy with anything under 75min, which will bring me in before the backmarker (its a speedy race rather than a fun run, need to be finished in 90min max!).

Apart from that I've found a marathon book that seems to cater for the slower runner - most are for sub5hours speedie with a just get round programme tagged on the end if you're lucky.

I've also got the news that I'm not in the London Marathon, which is a bit of a bugger as that's the one everyone knows and would give me a 10hour window to do it in, the smaller runs have less time to finish in... Hey ho, I'll have to start plan B this weekend.




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