The die is cast... well the money spent, and the training plan half worked out!

And so the fates have decided...

My first marathon will be next spring, and will be in 215 days, 23rd May in Edinburgh.

Part of me is happy, part of me is going "OH MY GOD AM I REALLY THAT MAD"!!! To which the answer is yes, I probably am.

30weeks is a long time, and should be enough for me to lift my game again to take it from doing half marathons to doing full ones. Oddly, I'm more worried about managing the type II diabetes than the heart... Mainly cos I can feel and even on occasion hear my heart and know when to slow down, the diabetes is invidious, I can't feel my blood glucose being too high if I over correct.

So wish my diabetic nurse well, she's going to earn her crust in a couple of weeks:-)




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