A rather large hill:-)

Snowdon, a hill I've done before... But only once and the next 6 times I've been rained, snowed and clouded off! However, yesterday was near perfect conditions for a jolly little romp up the Pyg track and down the Miner's track.

With the carpark being full if was an extra couple of kilometers from the the cars to the top and most importantly more ascent!!!

Up and down is just under 7hours isn't bad, though my legs were complaining all the way up that they had done a lot the last couple of weeks, and wouldn't move out of second gear until on the flat coming back along the Causeway.
Throw in a 6km gentle stroll this morning and I've hit the 30% mark - 300km. My legs are feeling this months efforts (a halfmarathon, a 10km and training in between) so another gentle week coming up - all day climbing tomorrow, swimming on Wednesday and then off to Cambridge to map out and plan the GUCH PA awareness event for next February.




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