A decent 10 km:-)


A nice cool run, bit humid under the trees, but 1 and a half loops of Sefton Park with 3000 others on a sunday morning was a damn good way to spend the day, despite the thumping headache (not alcohol induced, as normal I've not imbibed for the week before a run).

The course is fairly gentle, though enough hills to make it interesting.

And a bunch of surprised runners looked at me strangely as I went through the 1km point and bought up the 250km with a little cheer to myself.

Photos should be out this week, and I'll put one up when they are - hopefully I'll look a lot better.

3 days off now, Florence via Ryanair



ps teh route and my run can be seen here : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/15285904


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