You're looking good for being 100...

Said the office wag when I opened the large, impressively postmarked letter...

There's something about the postmark "Buckingham Palace" that sends a thrill and a chill down your spine. The black stamp of the "Central Chancery of the Orders of Knighthood" means its going to be good - the last one of them was the invite to my Investiture.

What was in the buff envelope? The formal Warrant of Appointment to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire - signed by the Queen and Prince Phillip themselves. The copperplate is beautiful, the wording archaic and wondrous - how many times do you get called "our trusty and well beloved Paul Willgoss", by HRH herself?

The envelope also had in the statutes of the order, when where and how to where the medals and information on the Chapel of the Order at St Paul's.

So my night is sorted, I've had a reasonably hard climb, tea is in the oven, GUCH emails sent so now time to kick back and read the statutes!




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