The last 10 days....

It's been almost a year when I started my insane quest to run or walk 1000km...

355 days... 1500km, 1 marathon, 1 walking marathon, 2 half marathons, many a hill, many a mile plodding around the streets of Bootle, I walked with friends and on my own...

So with 10 days left what is there to do?

Firstly, walk a chunk of the 133 miles... I'll be setting out from Stafford on Tuesday morning and sometime on Wednesday will have walked 70 miles along the Heart of England Way. That's a lot of miles in not a lot of time, its training for a big event I want to try next year, which is a proper endurance event,

So with the 15-20 miles I walk tomorrow, that'll take me to just over 100 miles, leaving about 25 miles to do at the last weekend of my challenge year... and what a weekend that will be - if you've ever wondered what a man running on a treadmill in an outlet village looks like then this is your chance!

I'm going to be doing the last of my miles at the McArthur Glen Outlet Village here -

So a huge thank you to Rachel and the team that work there who've invited me along.

Its been a hell of a year, with huge highs and very very deep lows... I'll write the year up properly at the end, so there's still time to add to those highs!




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